How to Stop Oversharing |8 Things You Should Keep To Yourself

I don’t know why people are so keen to put the details of their private life in public. What they forget is that invisibility is a superpower

It has never been easier to share every little detail of your life with pretty much every person you’ve ever met .

8 Things You Should Keep To Yourself – Stop Oversharing

social media allows us to share anything we want with a click of a button to everyone who has even the slightest interest in us.

That’s a good thing right? Human beings are social creatures after all.

But No, it’s wrong ……

there are some things that we should always keep to ourselves or at least to a small select group of people

let’s jump into the list of the seven things that you should always keep to yourself.

1.Your Goals

So, number one is your goals.

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It has been proven time and time again that sharing your goals with others makes them less likely to happen.

See when you tell somebody your goal and they acknowledge it.

Your brain is almost tricked into thinking that you’ve actually accomplished it.

Then since you’ve got the satisfaction from your brain that you did accomplish the task , why would you put in the work to actually achieve it?

A better practice is to write them down, put them in a place where you will see them daily so that you have a reminder of what to work on and what you are trying to do.

2. Your Relationships

Next is your relationships.

There are two people who should know the intimate details of your relationship.

You and your partner.

Your partner deserves a level of trust and confidentiality that no one else benefits from.

You have a special bond with that person that can only be hurt by letting others in on the ups and downs.

This one can be tough for people especially after a fight or an argument .

Think about this though the person that you will tell will make judgments about your partner based on these situations, their worst moments.

Would you want your partner’s best friends judging you on your worst moments?

didn’t think so.

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3.Your Finances

number three is your finances.

Look, it doesn’t matter if you have a million dollars or if you are down to your last 10.

Don’t share your finances.

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If you have money, people are likely to be jealous of you ,expect you to help them out with their own financial struggles.

or even try to take advantage of you.

Chances are that you’ve worked hard to get to a place of financial security.

But that doesn’t mean that you should advertise your success and on the flip side if you’re broke you shouldn’t be talking about your finances.

You should be busting your butt to fix them.

4.Your problems

The number four is your problems.

If you scroll through social media with any frequency, you might have run across this quote from an unknown author “never tell anyone your problems .eighty percent don’t care. and the other twenty percent are glad that you have them”.

Misery loves company and the people that who is actually going to care about your problems either really care about you or use your problems to take their mind off of their own.

5. your weaknesses

just like problems, weaknesses are best left to yourself .

Your fake friends can use your weaknesses as leverage over you and put you in really tough situations.

6. Your lifestyle

number six is your lifestyle.

“I’m on a keto diet, i go to church every sunday” like that..

Sure, in the course of a conversation, these things may come up.

And that’s fine if someone compliments your fitness.

It’s natural to say thanks if they ask you how you did it?

Then you can talk about your fitness routines same goes for diet, exercise money and all the other things that are considered lifestyle.

Don’t walk up to somebody at work school or a casual acquaintance and blast them with information about your lifestyle.

they didn’t ask and they probably don’t care also.

7. your philosophy toward life

The number seven is your philosophy toward life.

This is another thing that only needs to be talked about with a selected few people who show interest prior to you sharing.

There is a wide range of beliefs out there and no one likes a person who tries to shove their beliefs on others believe what you believe and let others do the same.

8.Secrets and gossip

number eight is secrets and gossips.

we all know that person who seems to always have news about others in their lives and seems to take pleasure in talking about them.

You definitely don’t want to be this person.

why would anyone want to tell you anything .

most people are smart enough to only make this mistake once or twice.

Before they stop talking to you and resent you for being a big mouth also

If you are always focused on others ,gossip and secrets then you aren’t focused on improving yourself.

Gossip and telling other secrets is a waste of your precious time.

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Remember, instead of oversharing and telling people more than you need to know focus on fixing and improving the areas of your life that you want to fix.

Don’t talk about losing weight focus on doing it.

Don’t talk about making more money work harder and make more money.

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