Millionaire Fastlane|Rich Vs Middle-class Vs Poor

Hello Friends, in this post we will discuss a very interesting topic. These ideas are based on the book The Millionaire Fastlane by, M J DeMarco

How to Become Rich Fast?

How to Become Rich Fast?

3 Financial Road maps

Like everyone, you have three financial ways or road maps.

By choosing any way out of three you can live your life.

The first way is Sidewalk, the second is Slowlane and the third is Fastlane

millionaire fast lane

Sidewalk/ Sidelane

Usually, the first way Sidewalk is chosen by careless people who wants everything quickly, and wants everything in a day.

They don’t like to think about the Future and they never make long-term plans or goals related to money(financial).

Sidewalkers are usually people who live their life on salary; which means they live like a king on the first day of their salary, but as the month’s end comes they have no money in their pocket.


In fact, if their monthly salary gets delayed or comes late then they get stressed and fail to live a normal life.

These are the people who spend more than their capacity. they spend more than they earn.

Even if their income is in lakhs still they like to buy things on credit.

for example, buying the latest I iPhone or car or anything materialistic on EMI.

For such people life is all about enjoyment hence they never do financial planning and never waste their time on saving money and spoil their future just for short-term happiness

The side walkers are usually blamers who never take responsibility and feel that becoming rich is all about Luck in fact side walkers are the ones who say that money is not that important or money can’t buy happiness.

For the author of Millionaire Fastlane, says that people need to focus on the three F’s in order to live their life happily.

The three F’s

The first F is Family, which means people who are important and special to you including your friends because these important people are the actual people who bring happiness in your life.

The second F is for fitness because nothing looks good in a bad health and that’s a fact.

and the last F is for Freedom. no matter what all things you have in your life, if you are kept behind bars where you can’t do anything as per your happiness, then what’s the use of having everything?

Now Just think about who can give more time to all three F’s who will give more time to their families, who will be more attentive toward their health who can free their time for lives of happiness?

Will poor people be able to do it, who works 5 or 6 days a week that too for other people, or the rich person who is financially free and has time?

obviously, The rich person will able to focus on all three F’s.

Hence it is very important to have financial freedom, but if you choose the side lane, way like most of the people, then becoming rich is hardly possible for you.

Then it will be next to impossible for you to become financially free.

Therefore always avoid taking the side lane way.

There are many ways to fight this problem, but the author shares a simple way and gives an example

and says when you go to any shop to buy chocolate while buying it you don’t think much about whether you should buy it or not .

Hope it won’t affect home expenses etc, you don’t think about all this and directly buy the chocolate because that much money doesn’t matter to you much.

Similarly, before buying anything if you were in deep thinking about whether you should buy it or not or if will it affect your budget or home expenses, then don’t buy it, it’s best to avoid buying it.

Actually, you should buy only those things or stuff which you can buy without thinking, which you can afford.

Slow lane

now second way comes Which is Slowlane

The slow laners are those people who think money is more important than time.

These are the people who, in order to save 20 Rupees stand in the queue for 1 hour.


They have very much interest in special offers and coupons.

Just like side walkers, even these people work for other people, waste their time and earn money.

But still, they are better than side walkers, because they think about their future, they think about their financial future.

They save money by keeping at home or at the bank.

Some even take the next step by keeping their money under fixed deposit or even do investments.

But still, author says that it isn’t the best way because the slow lane is very slow,

Everyone wants to be rich, and that’s really nice, but you tell me at what age you will enjoy driving a sports car when you are young or when you are aged or crossed your 40s or almost reach to the end of your life?

When you will have more energy to do a world tour when you are young or when you have reached your old age?

because the thing is that in a slow lane, you have to work or have to invest a lifetime in order to earn money.

and if you are lucky then can get 7 to 10 percent returns every year with which finally you can become a millionaire after 30 to 40 years.

now don’t take me wrong, by telling all this I am not telling you that this is totally the wrong way or you shouldn’t take it, no I am not telling you that because for maximum people taking the slow lane is the best option.

why because, achieving success by taking the last option is not everybody’s cup of tea.

Becoming rich a little bit late is better than never becoming rich.

if you want to become rich too fast and want to become a multi-millionaire in young age just like the author, then you should take the third lane and it is known as the Fast lane.

Fast lane

fast laners are those people who value their time more than money.

They value earning more than spending and saving, whereas side walkers and slow laner’s think that their studies were limited till school and college. and even if they study more they do it for increasing their intrinsic value , how much salary they will get after working for a month, for increasing this value they study more.

whereas Fast laner’s always study to improve so that they can create such a system by their knowledge wisdom by which they don’t need to work always to earn money and earning money doesn’t get dependent on their money.

example, A software developer earns much more than a laborer on the basis of his education here you must be finding a Developer job very Fancy and attractive, but in reality, both has to sell their time always to earn money.

whereas Fast laners can create such a business where he has to give his maximum time and effort at the start of the business, later they can take holiday whenever they want without selling his time for money, and it is something best.

Here problem is, if you earn money by selling your time just like side walkers and slow lanes then you will not have leverage and control.

for example, a person who does a job can never say to his boss, that I have worked very hard hence do increase my salary give me a double triple increment because i want to become rich quickly and from now on i want more holidays.

A person who do job can never do this, can never say something like this, whereas a Fast laner can do this by creating a business system.

Here i am not saying that doing this is very easy . No, it won’t be easy, it will be tough, It will ask for lot of efforts and hard work.

But fast lane efforts will be lesser than the slow lane and side walkers.

For example, if a task will be given to slow lane and fast lane where they were asked to lift heavy stones and to build a Pyramid, then the slow laner will lift every stone and with lot of efforts starts building pyramid

whereas a fast laner will first create a system, will create a machine which can lift lot of stones together.

He will use his brain that can make the task easy and he can build a pyramid easily. similarly even you should use your brain like this if you want to be rich.

Now question comes how you can become a FastLaner for this I will give my personal life example

Till the time I was thinking about how I can be rich by having books knowledge, how i can be rich, How i can benefit myself, till that time i wasn’t getting any results.

But the moment I thought how I can add value with my gathered books knowledge how I can help others how i can benefit others.

that was the moment i got the idea of youtube, I started my Educational channel and website.

with that idea, many people benefitted and even it was beneficial for me, I started getting results only after adding value to others’ life.

because the fact is it doesn’t matter what you want, but what matters to others is what they want.

The only thing which is important is what others want.

So instead of fulfilling and focusing on your selfish desires try to fulfill the desires of others.

Try to benefit others, try to add value to other’s life, and try to solve other’s problems

if you do something for others that benefits others only then you can earn money quickly and easily.

FastLaners are usually businessmen, Entrepreneurs, self-employed and creators, etc.

Fastlaners are not only consumers but producers too.

They are not those people who watch others ad & buy their products, but they also create their product and service.

They never waste their time by watching useless videos but they also create their own content.

They don’t buy other’s franchise but they try to create their own franchise etc,

Examples of FastLane Projects such as Rentals, taking rents of properties or cars, etc

or creating useful software or inventing any product or creating any content by writing any book or creating any music or by creating videos, etc

or by creating a Distribution system means by creating such a system by which you and others can earn money example, Amazon, Flipkart, Apple, etc

if you notice, that at the start you are required to do a lot of hard work.

and if you are able to do it right then you will always earn money from it without giving extra time.

one more thing on which FastLaners give their focus On is Potential Market Size.

Your area milk seller can never able to earn as much as Jeff Bezos is earning because the milk seller is fulfilling his area people’s needs, or fulfilling only a few people’s need whereas Amazon helps people around the world, Amazon is fulfilling worldwide people’s needs.

Your potential profit or how much you earn depends on two factors.

First on Potential Market Size, who all are your potential customers or how many more potential customers you can have, whether they can only be locals, nationals, or internationals.

and second factor how much impact you can create on other’s life, till what level you can create impact

on others through your product and service, and whether can create less impact, medium or huge because the more the size of this factor will be the more potential you will have to earn money and this is what Law of Affection is which says:

The more you have the capability to impact other’s life the more you will have the capability of earning money.

it’s all about scale and magnitude.

in order to use the Law of effection effectively you need to follow its five rules and commandments

which are 1) NEED 2) ENTRY 3) CONTROL, 4) SCALE AND No. 5) Time

by following these 5 rules you can take the fast lane way and can become rich fast these were some amazing knowledge from an amazing book The Millionaire Fast Lane.

Buy the paperback, Hard Cover, Kindle version or Audio CD

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Millionaire Fastlane book

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Millionaire Fastlane

Hello Friends, in this post we will discuss a very interesting topic. These ideas are based on the book The Millionaire Fastlane by, M J DeMarco


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