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Hi, Let me tell you a Story, first.

A teacher was teaching his students a very important life lesson.


She says “you know, there are 2 wolves in my mind.

They always fight with each other. one of them represents negative feelings such as; fear, anger, hatred, jealousy, sadness, greed, pride, and ego while the other one represents peace, happiness, sympathy, friendship, truth, and most important love for each other.

They both are fighting in my mind, in your mind, and in everyone’s mind.”

After listening to all these children remain calm for a while

but after some time a child asks ” Teacher, but who would win?

In this, the Teacher says; “always that wolf will win to whom you feed the most to whom you will always choose.

Friends, this is really a very powerful story that gives us an important message.

The nonsense which is going on in our world, most of people feed their hatred wolf and that’s the reason today I’m going to share some points of the book with you.

And I hope by understanding the words of the book, people will either support less negativity or not spread the negativity which will bring positivity in their own life and they will achieve success.

Really We see nowadays a lot of hatred is being spread everywhere, and the book which I’m talking about its name is “AS A MAN THINKETH”

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It’s a small book but a very powerful one.

A classic in which says that many great authors have written many great books, philosophies through which millions of people’s lives changed.

So let’s understand the things of this book and make ourselves and our country better.

Let’s begin;

Thoughts and character

A man who fails in his life, many people can say that his luck was bad and that’s why he failed

and on the other hand the same thing can be said for successful people that what a lucky person, he became so rich.

But the author says the truth is whenever a person succeeds or fails, this is because of the good or bad circumstances that come in his life.

which are grown by his character not his fortune.

and this is born by his good or bad thoughts.

for Example;

By planting bitter ground seeds you cannot expect that you’ll get a big tree in which mangoes will be found.

Similarly, a person shouldn’t expect that if he will keep negative things in his heart for himself or for others, then he is going to get anything positive in life from this.

And this same thing teaches every religion and even science.

A super successful person to whom you admire the most, whose character and personality is like God he has become so great today because that person’s thinking was positive and great from years ago which helped him to get right opportunities and actions on the right time in his life.

Whereas the person who is sitting there wasting his life there is nothing else behind him, just his bad thoughts for years which never lets him to grow up.

Hence, always make your character like a good person, like a positive person

For example:- You will never see bill gates is posting hate posts on social media about his beliefs

If Elon Musk ever feels bad for someone’s words so he doesn’t fight with them by using abusive comments.

Same as you won’t find any big people spreading negativity on social media.

but yes you’ll find them doing positive things.

Mind is like a garden

Every human’s mind is like an empty field, if you work intelligently in it, then you can make it like a beautiful garden from which you’ll get some useful fruits and flowers which will make your life abundant and beautiful.

But if you won’t take care of that field or if you fill it with garbage,then this won’t take much time to become a toxic field which will give you only poisonous fruits.

That’s why it’s really important that what we are filling in our minds, pay attention to it that we are learning good things and spreading it, spreading fragrance or believing in others’ nonsense by falling into their trap of them and spreading poison.

For example:- people are forwarding negative post on social media which is spoiling his own mood and other’s also.

that’s why I want you to don’t do that

Before forwarding any post, verify it first.

stop spreading wrong things by being emotional because it may develop negative cycle of feelings and hatred.

Thoughts give rise to circumstances .

A poor person who thinks his life needs to be changed his house, and surrounding everything should be changed and improved.

He wants this with his full heart but still, he never does his work well,

never puts effort, never think of earning extra income.

Why? Because his thoughts always give such justifications:

They say – I don’t work well because my boss is not good; because he doesn’t give me much salary”

maybe no one does good work, that’s why I don’t do it either.

Such people never succeed because they can’t understand the simple fact of becoming rich and that is “a good work can make a good life”.

That’s why these thoughts bring such bad circumstances in their life.

for Example ;

His boss doesn’t give him a promotion, never recommends anyone, or worst throws him out. after that, he thinks my boss is such a bad person, and because of him, my life becomes hell. He fired me without thinking.

While the truth is, whatever happened is because of that person’s thoughts, Which were bad and such bad thoughts create such circumstances which made him more poorer.

On the other hand, a rich person whose health is not well, who is very obese. He spends lakhs of rupees for this health but he never stops eating junk food he never stops his love for food.

And always think about food because of this even diseases do not leave him.

He always stays in a bad health.

This happened here because he also doesn’t understand the simple fact of truth that for good health

he needs to eat good food for good health.

An employer doesn’t pay his employees properly .he keeps on deducting the salary without any reason, so that he himself can earn more profit, such people can’t grow up too much. and people don’t respect them too much.

Now if you ask them then they will blame to a situation that market is not good that’s why we are unable to grow much but the truth is they don’t pay salaries properly, don’t respect their employees

That’s why people don’t work well.

Then the one who gets him to work once, he will never come back to him again.

and that’s the reason he laces behind always.

and these circumstances happened in his life because of his negative thoughts.

In every example which I have told you, you’ll find one thing common in all of them.

Maximum people think that it’s not their fault, their situations are wrong, and other people are wrong.

But the truth is that circumstances that are bad are because of their thinking.

So always fill your mind with positive thoughts.

Negative and positive thoughts

Thoughts crystalize very quickly into habits, then habits will create such results and circumstances

in which people spend their whole life.

Now I’ll give you specifically some examples of negative and positive emotions

5 negative thoughts to avoid

  1. Dirty things like drunk and debauchery habits: which bring disease and ruin our life.
  1. Fear, doubt, and lack of decision-making thoughts: develop weak and unmanly

which creates, poverty, dependency on others, and failure circumstances in their life.

3. Laziness: lazy thinking spread uncleanliness and lying habits which develops bad things, dependency on others, lying such kind of situations in life.

4. Jealousy or hatred : these both things create habits of fighting and blaming others .Habits of blaming others which becomes solid and bring distraction, lack of focus and dangerous circumstances which never let people to do something big.

  1. Selfish thinking:- selfish thinking creates self-pleasing habits

which leads to not understand people whether they are good or bad which will create stress and failure in their life.

5 positive emotions to have.

On the other hand I’ll tell you about positive emotions,

1.Those who have good and clear thinking usually have the habit of self control which will develop discipline in people’s life.

2.Courage and self-dependent create manly habits , which brings success, abundance and freedom in life.

  1. Hardwork and effort creates action habits which really improves the quality of life.
  2. Forgiving and humanity creates abundance mentality habits

which makes people creater and help them and encourage to create

and helps them to make their life flexible by increasing their focus level.

  1. Thinking about others first solidify self less habits

which brings real happiness and gives real prosperity and feel them rich.

To conclude, Author says a person cannot directly control his circumstances , but instead of negative thoughts as told by me

keep these 5 positive thoughts inside him., hen he can make his life the way he wants, according to him.

That’s why always keep positive thoughts in your mind.

In this coming year always try to win your other wolf,if you want this coming year as the best year of your life.

Now happy new year friends! I wish you to accomplish your all goals, your every dream come true

stay happy and take care.

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Really We see nowadays a lot of hatred is being spread everywhere, and the book which I'm talking about its name is "AS A MAN THINKETH"

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